Group Break FAQ

Always Ensure you have read the group break listing and also read the Group Break FAQ below.

What is a group break?
A group break is where multiple participants purchase 'spot(s)' into product(s). Generally your spot will equal a team/player/division/conference, once that product(s) is broken live, any matching items from your spot will be awarded to you. Always read the group break listing for specific rules of that break.
Example: A Random Team Break of 2021 Donruss Football box, 32 spots available.
After teams are randomised you will be allocated a team based off the randomisation result. If you were to be allocated New York Jets for this break, you will receive any New York Jets cards that were to come from this break.

There are 2 different primary formats to a group break (Any other format not listed here will be explained on the actual breaks listing);
Random Team (RT) - Each spot purchased is randomised 4 times using
Pick Your Team (PYT) - Each spot will represent a team listed, where you can choose your desired team.

Any other format is built on the above two primary formats and will be explained on the breaks page.

Awarded Cards (Or Items)
Cards are awarded to the team that is represented on both front & back of the card irrespective of their current team, If there is no team name, it will then be awarded to the jersey that is represented in the card, If team can still not be identified then it will be awarded to their current team if they are active, if they are not active or retired it will go to the team they played for the longest this will be based off seasons then games if there is a tie-breaker. 
If card has a college team represented it will go to their active team, if no active team as the player is undrafted/FA/team-less, it will go to the last team they were associated with. If a team still cannot be identified, the card will be randomised 4 times using amongst all spots.
If there are multiple players on a card with multiple teams represented, the card will be randomised 4 times on, each participant will receive a spot equal to the number of times their player/team is represented on the card. For example, 
If there is a card that has 4 players and one participant has 3 of those players/teams, they will receive 3 spots in the randomisation.

Points Cards - Some product hits are replaced with 'Panini Reward Points' therefore this card is not associated to any team or player. This card will always be randomised amongst all participants 4 times using

Ultimately Los Lobos Cards reserves the rights to make final judgement on awarding cards in these situations.

When do cards/items ship?
All awarded cards/items are sorted and shipped the next business day using a tracked service.

Will I receive tracking?
Absolutely! Tracking will be sent via email once cards have finished sorting and have been packed.

How much is shipping cost for group breaks?
Shipping is included in your spot. However if you would like express shipping please get in touch with us after the break and we will invoice you the additional charge for express.

Where can I watch the break/See my team?
Our live breaks will be broadcast on YouTube and links will be made available on our facebook page. If you missed the stream you can still watch the replay on our YouTube channel. Randomisation results will be posted on the specific break # page.

When purchasing a spot into a group break - You are NOT guaranteed to get anything. This is a real risk that comes with group breaks and it can happen often especially in products that do not have many cards, or memorabilia product breaks. So please assess the risk prior to purchasing your spot.

If you have any questions which were not covered here please feel free to contact us using the contact page or send us a message on our socials.